rubicat deisgn

design, brand, photography, creative.

i'm a creative instigator.

You have a product. Or an idea. I have a wealth of creative talent.

I began my career as a writer. Understanding the power of combining words and images, I brought my love of photography into my professional repertoire. I shifted into print production in the mid 1990s, embraced new Web technologies as they developed, and evolved into a designer and brand consultant after 2002.

The many facets of design, from content to images to brand, intrigue me. I have enjoyed watching social media turn marketing on its head. And that's the thing that drives me - the unpredictability of being a creative in today's ever-changing marketplace. Each project has its own personality; it has its own audience, mission, and flow. And bringing all these elements together into a cohesive experience makes me excited.

Seriously. Excited.

I am not actively seeking new clients and projects at this time, due to my duties with NOVA's Workforce Development Division. However, I still take small projects from time to time; feel free to contact me with your creative needs.


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